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Specification of Pass box

Pass box

Description :

Passbox is used as a passage when materials or parts are brought into a clean zone. In order to maintain the cleanness of a clean room and to prevent the inflow of dusts, incoming, outgoing, and moving should be minimized.
Pass Box is installed on the boundary between a clean zone and a non-clean zone so it is possible to bring in or take out things without men's incoming and outgoing. Accordingly, it prevents the inflow of pollutants or the discharge of clean air.
Due to the interlocking device which can be mechanical type or electronic type, when one door of the product opens, the other door is closed. The ultraviolet lamp is available for sterilization. Meanwhile, the specification of the passing window can be customized according to the actual needs.


Cleanroom pass box has a wide application range in the fields of micro fabrication technology, biological laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, food production, LCD, electronmicro-electronics, laboratory, national defense, precise instrument and gauges, bio-pharmaceuticals, opto-electronics field and so on.

Detail :

External Size : 950x750x840mm
Internal size   : 750x750x750mm 
Or Customized of Size
Main Body material : Stainless Steel
Automatic interlocking for the doors
Swing type doors with view panels
Door open indicator
Optional : Intercom, UV lamp

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