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Boom Gate Parking
Boom Gate Parking
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Specification of Boom Gate Parking

Boom Gate Parking

Basic Features Crossbar:

1. With the security. Barrier gate will automatically come back when it meets obstacles during closure.
2. The AC motor is more powerful and no maintenance.
3. Barrier Beam / arm can be selected from 3 meters to 6 meters, and barrier gate.
4. Closing time is also set from 1 second to 6 seconds.
5. The barrier gate can be properly installed and left-installed.
6. All the operations were soft without noise and shaking.
7. Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface and system IC
8. The interface provided for other functions.
9. The green light and red light used in the beams for position indication.

Additional Features:

1. Clutch key can be used to open the clutch when the power off.
2. Fan cooler reduces the temperature of the motor with a high-frequency use, never getting heat shield. calefaction temperature unique design for low temperature use, to prevent freezing in cold weather.
3. precision die-casting aluminum alloy motor base reduces noise and abrasion together to extend the working life of a barrier gate.
4. Type Thimble worm motor design to prevent clogging in use.
5. Balance spring no noise and easy adjustment design
6. The method of the double limit (electronic limit boundary and the motor memory sensor) for rising and falling beam.

Technical Data:

1) Beam length: <= 6m
2) Opening (Closing) time: 1s, 3s, 6s
3) Center height: 0.83m
4) The core engine working temperature: -40 degrees to 75 degrees
5) Electrical operating temperature: -20 degrees to 75 degrees
6) Voltage: AC 220V (10%) 50Hz / 60Hz, 110V (10%) 50Hz / 60Hz
7) Rated power: 120W
8) Relative Humidity: <= 90%
9) Remote control:> = 30m
10) Net weight: 70kgs

Access Control System

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